Workers Compensation Psychologists North Sydney

If you have been injured on the job, or while commuting to and from work in NSW, you may be eligible for worker’s compensation. The NSW Workers Compensation scheme includes the provision of psychologist services to assist with your return to work where appropriate. 

Common issues that can be covered under Workers Compensation include:

  • accidents and traumatic injuries
  • reduced physical function or capacity
  • emotional trauma
  • witnessing a workplace accident
  • emotional abuse, harassment or threats
  • workplace bullying

Cadence Psychology is a registered provider of workers compensation treatment through the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA). In order to access these services you will first need approval from your Insurer. Employers Mutual Limited (EML) is the single claims agent for Workers Compensation in NSW. When you report an injury to your employer this will be the company that approves your claim; including your eligibility to see a psychologist under Workers Compensation. 

Often times your first point of contact during your recovery will be your GP who can also refer you to a psychologist under your Workers Compensation insurance if deemed necessary.

As workers compensation is covered by your employer’s Insurer, it’s important to know that any information collected during assessment of treatment can be accessed by the Insurer and that, Cadence Psychology is required to liaise with them as part of your return to work plan.  

Contact A Workers Compensation Psychologist That Wants To Help You

Cadence Psychology is here to help you recover from any work injury that is impacting on your quality of life. We’re located centrally in the North Sydney CBD with disability access. After your claim for Workers Compensation has been approved contact us to find out about how we can help.