North Sydney Clinical Psychologists That Are All About Change

Cadence Psychology is a team of clinical psychologists based in the North Sydney CBD that offer more than just tea and sympathy. Our experienced psychologists believe that the key to change in our modern world is helping you to turn your own wisdom into action. 

With a non-pathological approach to creating change, we want to help you tackle any unhelpful habit that has crept into your life causing you to get stuck on anxiety, depression, stress, perfectionism, addictions, relationship troubles, or anything else.

Cadence Psychology is dedicated to helping you find the resolution to whatever has you stuck, in a safe and caring environment.

Why Choose Us In North Sydney?

Change Over Chats

We prioritise change over talk for talk’s sake. Getting you where you want to go should always be your psychologist’s goal.

Evidence Based

 We work in scientifically backed forms of treatment including CBT and ACT to make sure you’re getting the treatment you deserve​.

Genuine People

We bring our authentic self to the table, to help you find yours. We want you to feel at home every time you step into a session.

Centrally Located

No one likes walking up a hill. We’re located centrally; just 2 minutes from North Sydney station so you can pop in without breaking a sweat.

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North Sydney Psychologists

In our book, psychological therapy is about transformation, not illness. Cadence Psychology’s North Sydney based team of Clinical Psychologists provides confidential and friendly treatment for any person that wants to get unstuck.

To make your life easier we are set up with HICAPS so you can get quick rebates with zero fuss. We also offer after hours appointments and Skype sessions for your convenience.

Fees are $210 ($230 for after hours) per session to see a Clinical Psychologist. 

Start Getting Unstuck Today

We each get a box of coping tools passed onto us in life; but why not add a couple more to your own kit? Learning new strategies can start before you even book your first appointment with our North Sydney clinical psychologists at Cadence Psychology.

Make An Appointment

Ready to have a go at changing your life for the better?

Send us an email using the form below or contact us on 0478 876 678. We’ll have you booked in to see one of our Clinical Psychologists in central North Sydney quickly and easily.

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