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Adult and Child Psychologist Services

Cadence Psychology is a psychologist clinic located in North Sydney that offers more than just tea and sympathy. Our experienced child, adolescent and adult psychologists believe that the key to change in our modern world is helping you to turn your own wisdom into action.

Psychologists that teach practical strategies to assist with a change across  a range of issues including: anxiety, depression, stress, perfectionism, addictions, and relationships.

Evidence-based interventions that aim to help children aged 3-17 overcome the social and emotional difficulties that might be holding back their potential. 

No matter where you are in Australia we’re ready to help understand your issue and give you the strategies needed to make change that matters with our telehealth psychologist services.

Meet Our North Sydney Psychologists

The first step to change is taking time just for you. By sitting down with one of our Psychologists at our North Sydney office, you can check in with someone that is keen to hear your story in a non-judgemental and compassionate way.

psychologist north sydney dr clinton moore cadence psychology

Dr Clinton Moore
Clinical Psychologist
BA (Psych), BA (Hons), Doc. Clin Psych/MSc

psychologist north sydney elizabeth giles cadence psychology

Elizabeth Giles
Child Psychologist
BA, GradDipSci (Psych)

Make An Appointment

Ready to have a go at changing your life for the better?

Send us an email using the form below or contact us on 0478 876 678. We’ll have you booked in to see one of our Clinical Psychologists in North Sydney quickly and easily.

Find Your Key To Change

Cadence Psychology is dedicated to helping you develop practical psychological strategies that can help you succeed in the areas that matter most to you. We believe that therapy is about changing habits, not diagnosing illnesses.

Whatever you’re stuck on, we’re here to help move you forward!

We provide Medicare-rebated face-to-face counselling and telehealth counselling 

Our counsellors use evidence-based treatments including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Schema Therapy to help you or your child achieve the most effective outcomes. 

Convenient North Sydney Offices

Our North Sydney offices provide a safe and caring environment where your confidentiality is guaranteed with our friendly male and female psychologists.

Call us today for an intake call and to find an appointment time that suits you. We provide after hours appointments and charge $240 per session ($260 after 5pm).

Suite 107/283 Alfred St N, North Sydney NSW 2060
T: 0478 876 678

Opening Hours
Monday: 9am-7pm
Tuesday: 8am-5pm
Wednesday: 9am-7pm
Thursday: 9am-5pm
Friday: 9am-5pm

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Why Choose Us In North Sydney?

Change Over Chats

We prioritise change over talk for talk’s sake. Getting you where you want to go should always be your psychologist’s goal.

Evidence Based

 We work in scientifically backed forms of treatment including CBT and ACT to make sure you’re getting the treatment you deserve​.

Genuine People

We bring our authentic self to the table, to help you find yours. We want you to feel at home every time you step into a session.

Centrally Located

No one likes walking up a hill. We’re located centrally; just 5 minutes from North Sydney station so you can pop in without breaking a sweat.

Male Psychologists

Male psychologists a rare breed in the therapy world. If you feel chatting with a bloke might be a good match, we’ve got you covered.

north sydney psychologist cadence psychology adults

North Sydney Psychologists That Care

In our book, psychological therapy is about transformation, not illness. Cadence Psychology’s North Sydney based team of Clinical and Registered Psychologists provides confidential and friendly treatment for any person that wants to get unstuck.

To make your life easier we are set up with HICAPS so you can get quick rebates with zero fuss for private health insurance and Medicare claims. We also offer after hours appointments and Skype/Zoom sessions for your convenience.

Start Getting Unstuck Today

We each get a box of coping tools passed onto us in life; but why not add a couple more to your own kit? Learning new psychological strategies can start before you even book your first appointment with our North Sydney clinical psychologists at Cadence Psychology. Check out the latest mental health guides from our Toolbox:

Worry is a part of life, but you don’t need it bringing your life to a grinding halt. If you are finding it hard to do the things that matter most to you due to panic attacks, phobias, anxiety about being judged by others, or obsessional thoughts then our psychologists can help you.

Low mood can happen for all sorts of reasons in life. But when sadness hangs around for a long time it can start to drain your energy, cause problems with your sleep, make you feel hopeless and affect your appetite. If you’ve been stuck in this place for while a psychologist can show you the techniques to beat the blues.

When things seem unfair we get angry. But anger is a strong emotion that can sometimes get away from you. If you notice yourself yelling, throwing things, or feeling resentment towards others then anger management treatment can help you start to notice the signs and development more helpful responses.

The way you think about yourself affects the way you interact with the world. This self view is formed over years and can sometimes lean towards the self critical which stops you from feeling like you deserve happiness. Discover the skills to help boost your self-esteem and conquer your inner critic.

There’s nothing wrong with having high standards for yourself. But when those standards actually impair your performance such as procrastinating, then perfectionism might hindering rather than helping. Our psychologists can help you develop the skills to succeed without suffering.

Stress is caused by external pressures that happen in your day-to-day life. But when these stressors hang around they can cause problems such as insomnia, anger, anxiety and depression. Our psychologists can help you learn the skills needed to manage your stress to avoid burnout.

OCD involves repetitive habits (e.g. checking, hand-washing, mental lists etc) in response to anxious/uncomfortable thoughts. We all have the occasional bad habit, but if you’ve noticed your habits are starting to take control of your life our psychologists can assist. 

Sometimes life has taught you that the best way to stay safe is to try and meet everyone else’s needs. But doing this eventually starts to have a big impact on your own well-being. Chat to our psychologists about learning how to take charge of your own life and decisions.

Your Guide To Well-being in North Sydney

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