Cadence Toolbox: Psychological Strategies To Get You Unstuck

We all start off with a set of psychological tools in life, but there’s no reason you can’t add a couple more strategies to your toolbox. Below you will find Cadence Psychology’s guides to some common problem areas such as anxiety and perfectionism, and also our top recommended psychological resources.

Use these to help you get unstuck, switch your mindset, or just have a great day!

Toolbox Mental Health Guides

Recommended Links


Worry can really have an effect on your day if it hangs around when it’s not needed. Check out these resources for some great psychological strategies to help you get out of your head.

ACTMindfully – Russ Harris provides a wealth of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) based strategies and techniques to help with everything including social phobia, panic attacks, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Contextual Science – The grandfather of ACT itself, Steve Hayes provides all of his best resources to help overcome anxiety in whatever form it takes.


Depression affects a huge number of people in Sydney every day. While it’s sometimes unavoidable, there are always psychological strategies you can use to help boost that low mood. 

BeyondBlue – A great Australian charity that focus’ on helping people overcome low mood. A brilliant resource for those wanting to learn a little more about how low mood affects normal folks. 


If you’re on the verge of burnout working big hours in Sydney or at home dealing with rampaging kids, then it may be time to check in with your stress levels and learn how to bring that blood pressure down. 

Centre For Clinical Interventions – The CCI has a huge range of workbooks and resources for learning how to manage stress.


Do you know where to draw the line? Learning how to achieve your goals whilst also ensuring you have realistic standards is a delicate balance.

Self-Compassion – Learn to leave the critic at home with Kristin Neff. By the psychological strategies of self-compassion you have transform those unrelenting standards into real world change. 


Whether it’s sex, drugs, gambling, or the internet, we’ve all got a vice. If your day to day is getting over-run by addictions then check out these psychological strategies build to help get you unstuck. 

ReachOut – Learn the skills needed to retake your life and shake the bad habits that are hounding you. 


Everyone loves to be loved, but it’s not always easy. Learning how to engage in healthy relationships can be the key to a meaningful life. 

Gottman Institute – Let John and Julie Gottman teach you the strategies that have made them couples therapy royalty. From fighting well to building lives together, the techniques here are definitely worth adding to your toolbox. 

Schema Therapy – Do you find your interpersonal relationship never seem to go quite right? Schema Therapy can offer insights into how you can shift your habits to build stronger bonds with the people you care about.  

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